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Sex in Public Places is a website that hosts a bunch of incredible videos focusing on what else but public banging. There aren’t too many XXX sites focusing strictly on public fucking, so Sex in Public Places feels like a breath of fresh air. It mostly focuses on European pornstars and amateurs that decide to fuck in public spots in fits of passion. There’s a great deal of exclusive content available on there, so you can safely say that this website was made by true fans of public sex and FOR true fans of public sex. Still, there are some questions regarding public sex and this website as a whole that need to be addressed.

What’s so great about public sex anyway?

It’s a good question that gets asked fairly often. Essentially, the big idea here is that it’s hot because you can get caught at any second. Sometimes it’s the opposite and the people clearly don’t care about being seen or recorded by someone. The latter, the more exhibitionistic couples, should honestly remind you of all those amateur home camera online videos in which people KNOW that they are being recorded and that’s exactly what gets them off.

What are the most common places for public sex?

It depends entirely on how adventurous the couple is, but you can say that the most common places include parking lots, parks, empty streets, beaches, gas stations, public restrooms, and some other. Once again, it depends on how exhibitionistic the couple is (think about amateur home camera online videos again!) – some prefer to not get caught but are aroused by the thought of MAYBE getting caught, so they opt for secluded spots and others can just brazenly fuck in the middle of the street with dozens of people staring at them in awe.

Is there any porn that’s similar to public sex?

As mentioned before, amateur home camera online videos are pretty similar when it comes to the exhibitionistic aspect of it all. Horny couples with “spycams” in their houses? They freaking love sharing their lust with the world, walking around naked, and being in the spotlight in general.